ACC: Arizona Corporation Commission

The Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) regulates all investor-owned oil, gas, electric and water utilities.

The five commissioners vote on proposed rate increases and major infrastructure investments
like power plants and substations.

These decisions impact all arizonans

The Commission has lost touch, raising rates on captive ratepayers, discriminating against rooftop solar owners, and doubling down on dirty energy we have to buy elsewhere and burn here.

We can change that in November. Sign up for a mail-in ballot today!

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Key Dates

Jul. 30, 2024
Primary Election Day to choose party nominees
Oct. 7, 2024
Last day to register to vote for the general election
Oct. 25, 2024
Last day to request early ballot for the general election
Nov. 5, 2024
General Election Day!

How it's structured

The Commission was created by the Arizona Constitution. The ACC is often referred to as Arizona's fourth branch of government because commissioners can sign executive orders, pass laws and act as judges.

Their stated mission is to ensure safe, reliable and affordable utility services, ensure the safety of railroad and pipeline systems, grow Arizona’s economy by helping local entrepreneurs start businesses, and protect citizens by enforcing an ethical securities marketplace.

Make your voice heard

There are multiple ways you can engage with the Commission as they are considering different proposals during rate cases, hearings, or open meetings. Open meetings are where all major decisions are made.

What you can do

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Request to speak:

The most effective way to make your voice heard is to attend an open meeting and speak directly to the commissioners. There are rules for public comment but anyone can do it and it makes a difference. Just make sure to have your thoughts organized and always be respectful!

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Submit a public comment:

You can also send a message to the commissioners that will be part of the public record. First, search for the case you want to comment on in the docket. Next, enter the docket number into that section of the online comment form. Then write your opinion and submit!

Just want to learn more? You can watch open meetings in person at the Commission, or online at Open meetings are usually on Tuesdays but not always so make sure to check the calendar at


All five commissioners are elected statewide and serve four-year terms. With three seats up this November, we can make a big impact in just one election!

Since it is listed near the bottom of the ballot, thousands of Arizonans who vote on the high-profile races, skip the ACC altogether! Commit today to vote for clean energy leaders for the Corporation Commission!

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Clean Energy

In 2006, AZ was one of the first states to pass a Renewable Energy Standard, requiring utilities to have at least 15% of their generation portfolios come from renewable sources by 2025. Since then, the Commission has consistently attacked and undermined clean energy.

This November we can elect a new set of commissioners who will fight for ratepayers and establish Arizona as a national leader in clean energy!

Check your voter registration and sign-up to get your ballot in the mail today!