Salt River Project (SRP) provides water & power to over 1M families & businesses

The SRP District Board sets your utility rates, but the system favors large landowners. Request your ballot today!

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Key Dates

Mar. 4, 2024
Voter reg. deadline for SRP-eligible new voters
Mar. 6, 2024
First day to mail early ballots
Mar. 22, 2024
Last day to accept requests for early ballots
Apr. 1, 2024
Last day of in-person early voting
Apr. 2, 2024
Election day, early ballots must be received by 7pm

How it's structured

SRP is two separate entities: Both the Association and the District are governed by a Board of Directors and a Council. The Board works with management to set your utility rates and approve major new investments. The Council sets internal rules and bylaws.

The Association
Manages the water division
A 10-member board of governors
(one governor from each of the 10 voting districts)
A chart of SRP association governance
The District
Manages the power division
A 14-member board of directors
(one director from each of the 10 voting divisions; four remaining directors elected at-large)
A chart of SRP district governance
Make your voice heard

The Boards and the Councils are elected but
only eligible landowners can vote. It's an acreage based system, so you get as many votes as acres you own. The decisions made by these boards impact over a million Arizonans and their monthly finances.

Quarter acre = quarter vote
1/4 acre = 1/4 vote
Half acre = half vote
1/2 acre = 1/2 vote
1 acre = 1 vote
1 acre = 1 vote
100 acres = 100 votes
100 acres = 100 votes
***The board of directors may determine by resolution that each qualified elector of the district is entitled to the number of votes or fractional votes equal to the number of acres or fractional acres, rounded to the next one-tenth acre, owned by that owner, but not more than one thousand two hundred eighty votes.

SRP voting territory

Most homeowners in SRP service territory are eligible to vote in their elections, even if you're not a customer. If you live in a dark green section of the map below, fill out and submit the PEVL form to get your ballot in the mail!

The SRP voting mapThe SRP voting territory
Votable Lands
non-Votable Lands

We can elect a new set of board and council members who will fight for ratepayers, invest in clean energy and prioritize safe air for our kids to breathe!

Request your ballot for the election on April 2nd, 2024!