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Elected officials decide our energy future

Important decisions about our energy future happen at all levels of government, from the statewide to the hyperlocal.

Two of the most important are the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) and the Salt River Project Agricultural Improvement and Power District (the District).

Arizona Corporation
Commission (ACC)

The ACC is Arizona's public utility commission. The five commissioners are responsible for voting on proposed rate increases and approving the construction of new power plants and grid infrastructure.

Their stated mission is to ensure safe, reliable and affordable utility services, ensure the safety of railroad and pipeline systems, grow Arizona’s economy by helping local entrepreneurs start businesses, and protect citizens by enforcing an ethical securities marketplace.

A photo of a utility worker practicing responsible and safe operations

Commissioners are elected statewide so every eligible Arizonans has a say in who represents us. Three commission seats will be on the ballot for the November 5th, 2024 General Election.

SRP District
Governing Board

Unlike other utilities, SRP is a political subdivision of the state and not regulated by the ACC. Instead, the elected SRP District Governing Board sets utility rates and approves infrastructure spending.

In order to participate in SRP elections, voters must own eligible land within the boundaries of the District and voting power is determined on an acreage basis of one acre, one vote. Meaning a landowner with 10 acres gets 10 votes and a landowner with .25 acres gets .25 of a vote.

Quarter acre = quarter vote
1/4 acre = 1/4 vote
Half acre = half vote
1/2 acre = 1/2 vote
1 acre = 1 vote
1 acre = 1 vote
100 acres = 100 votes
100 acres = 100 votes
***The board of directors may determine by resolution that each qualified elector of the district is entitled to the number of votes or fractional votes equal to the number of acres or fractional acres, rounded to the next one-tenth acre, owned by that owner, but not more than one thousand two hundred eighty votes.

The next SRP District Board election is on April 2nd, 2024. Check out our SRP page to request your ballot by mail.

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Regulatory agencies play a major role in state energy policy, but decisions at the local level make an impact too. Join us and help push our leaders towards a clean energy future!

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