Clean energy
can revitalize the Eloy economy

We are at a crossroads. As Arizona and the US transition to a clean energy based economy, Eloy leaders must embrace the future or risk getting left behind.

“Lack of key infrastructure investment and sluggish resident population growth have contributed to the city’s stagnation.”

– Eloy’s Economic Development Strategic Plan

By welcoming clean energy and electric car companies to our community, the local economy will gain millions of tax dollars and hundreds of new jobs. That means more money for our schools, our roads and Downtown Eloy.

Despite these benefits, the Eloy City Council is considering a zoning change that would restrict solar development and signal to other sectors that Eloy is not open for business. In order to avoid this, we need you to reach out to the Council and tell them to oppose any new rule that makes it harder to build clean energy projects.

Call your City Council at 520-466-9201 or email and tell them to oppose anti-solar ordinances!

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We work to mobilize local clean energy supporters all across Arizona. Check out some of our previous campaigns below!