A large wind farm situated at an Arizona cattle ranch is now operational

June 1, 2023
AES Corp. announced the start of commercial operations for phase one of the Chevelon Butte wind farm in Arizona, a project sited on one of the state’s oldest working cattle ranches.
Photo by Unsplash
  • The first phase is bringing 238 MW of power generation online with another 216 MW expected to enter commercial operation in 2024.
  • The wind farm includes 105 Vestas V150 4.5-MW turbines, with a 120-meter hub height.• Lease payments from the wind farm to the State Land Department are expected to help fund Arizona’s public schools and universities as well as other Arizona-based beneficiaries.
  • A radar-activated lighting system is integrated into the wind farm’s control system to reduce impact on the surrounding land while meeting FAA regulations for aircraft detection.
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