Can America become a solar manufacturing powerhouse?

March 30, 2023
Since the US solar and storage industry began to expand, there has been a massive swing in the American solar industry, with over 40 domestic manufacturing announcements valued at more than $13 billion.
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  • Companies such as Mission Solar have announced investments in solar module manufacturing capabilities in the US, with other companies following suit to manufacture parts such as wafers, cells, and inverters.
  • This surge in domestic production is set to create a large number of job opportunities for Americans. SEIA estimates that by 2032 there will be 115,000 manufacturing jobs within the entire industry and 507,000 across all related sectors.
  • If efforts are successful, domestic production capacity will reach critical mass within 3-5 years - far exceeding SEIA's goal of creating 50 GW of domestic production capacity by 2030. With the right policies and renewed certainty in the market, this could make the US one of the most competitive and collaborative industries worldwide.
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