The significant growth of clean energy manufacturing in the US, illustrated through charts

June 6, 2023
The Inflation Reduction Act has initiated a shift in the economic viability of clean energy manufacturing in the U.S., attracting tens of billions of dollars in private investments from domestic and foreign companies.
Photo by Unsplash
  • Companies have gravitated towards a handful of states to build production facilities, notably east of the Mississippi in Battery Belt and South for solar and EV production.
  • South Korean, Japanese, Chinese, and European firms are contributing significantly to the investment and technology needed for the Made-in-America goals set by the Inflation Reduction Act.
  • Although some foreign investment has faced resistance from lawmakers and locals, Ford announced a partnership with CATL to produce lithium ferro phosphate batteries; four other Chinese projects are moving forward including Longi and U.S.-based Invenergy's largest U.S. solar manufacturing facility; JA Solar's 2-gigawatt solar panel factory in Arizona; Hounen Solar's 1 GW solar panel plant in South Carolina; and Gotion's $2.4 billion battery plant in Michigan.
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